Relocation/Move Management


It can be smooth, invigorating, refreshing and seamless if done properly. From space planning to transfer of phone lines, from furnishings to employee communication strategies, we are experts at handling the details that will make your relocation or reconfiguration effortless and successful.

• Conduct space planning to help you minimize real estate requirements and maximize re-use of existing furniture
• Create a schedule that meets your business objectives and budget
• Furnish “swing space” when required to house temporary workers
• Publish move schedules and instructions for your employees
• Provide move cartons and tagging systems to simplify identification and placement of files and other materials
• Coordinate relocation of telecommunication and other equipment
• Disassemble, protect, transport, and reassemble all systems furniture components
• Pad, move, and install desks, chairs, files and other furniture
• Supply any new furniture components as required by your plan
• Refurbish or repair seating or furniture components as required
• Arrange for storage excess furniture components
• Dispose of any items with no future use
• Adjust your new environment based on use after move in


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