Total Procurement Services


At Valin + Associates, we want our clients to be confident that they are getting the best market price. We want them to be confident that their product selection supports their business goals and objectives. Finally, we want them to be confident that the products they purchase become an asset to be leveraged, rather than a cost to be managed.

Effective Procurement Management gives our clients confidence in making educated decisions about the products they purchase to make their facilities work. Our unparalleled product knowledge and experience in negotiation ensures the integrity of the design intent comes to life with the right product, the most appropriate application, and at the best price.

Product Selection

• Prepare, issue and evaluate Tender documentation
• Provide detailed performance specifications
• Conduct guided manufacturer visits
• Support product selection process

Order Management

• Prepare accurate and complete order documents
• Validate all product specification and order documentation prior to order entry
• Verify quantities, finishes, tagging, and every component of the order
• Track order status
• Generate written and/or electronic acknowledgements
• Coordinate and schedule delivery dates
• Communicate with order entry, production, and transportation departments of all manufacturers
• Validate all vendor correspondence and communicate customer expectations
• Trouble-shoot changes and problems as they arise, resolving items in a manner consistent with project intent, schedule and budget
• Communicate regular status updates to all project participants


• Unload trucks
• Verify and cross reference packing lists with order documentation
• Ensure the removal of all packing and debris
• Resolve any warranty related issues
• Manage and established process to resolve deficiencies
• Provide an on-site overview of the features and attributes of your new products


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